Older Papillons Available

I have several dogs that I have retired from my breeding program and need to find homes for.   All of them are spayed or neutered.  All of these dogs are used to sleeping and eating in dog crates.  They are used to traveling in a crate also.  They are housebroken but any new owner will need to treat them as if they don't have a clue.  My dogs all go out at regular intervals so they usually do not learn how to ask to be let out.  It depends on the individual dog of course but please be aware that just because they are older, you still need to spend a week or two of house rule training.  If you are interested in one of these older Papillons please take the time to email me and tell me about yourself, your family (humans and pets) and your lifestyle.

Please email us privately for more information on an older dog.