Puppy Page

An exciting thought popped into my head today,

While I sat watching two young puppies at play.

How much we could learn if we only would look

At these creatures who have never read a book.

Jealousy, hatred, gossip and greed

Are rarely found in dogs, no matter the breed.

What do they know that we do not?

Obviously, though they're not telling, quite a lot.


Of course, two pups may squabble over a bone.

But soon you will find it left all alone,

While the former combatants snuggle close, sound asleep.

Secure in the knowledge that their treasure will keep.


Warmth and closeness mean so much more to them,

Even though the battle will probably begin again.

It is more playful than serious, this game of tug

And will end again with them both asleep, close on the rug


When two humans decide they want the same thing,

Whatever the object, they both will cling

Grimly determined that each is right,

No matter how long, they continue to fight.

Let's look at those puppies, asleep at our feet.



Has either lost that treasure he tried so hard to keep?

Not really, as it lays just a few feet away

Not a treasure trove, just an object of play.

And the two little creatures? Are they content?

Completely and totally because their little souls are bent

Upon keeping this friend who plays this game with them,

And is still willing to snuggle again and again.


If only we could learn the great lesson here

Things are not precious, friendships are dear.

What good will this thing do us, this precious bone,

If we find ourselves left completely alone?


The next time I find myself wanting to fight,

I'll remember those puppies and, with all of my might,

I will try to give it up with a shrug

And hope to end up sound asleep, close on the rug_



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